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Best School definition and meaning of Collins English Dictionary 2022

by Ishfaq

English has many different words for school, so what’s the difference between them? Collins
English Dictionary defines a school as “a place where young people are taught to learn by doing”,
while the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “an institution or establishment where
instruction is given in a particular branch of learning”. So, which one is right for you?

Definition of a School

Schools have been around for centuries, and the definition has evolved over time. Originally, a

was an institution where people learned to read, write, and do arithmetic. Today, schools
are much more than that. They are also places where students can learn about different cultures
and get a good education.
Schools come in many different shapes and sizes. There are public, private, and special schools.
They can be in big cities or small towns. Some schools teach only English, while others teach
both English and another language.

The type of school a student goes to depends on their parent’s income level, their child’s age, and
the availability of slots in which they want to attend.
There are primary schools (which are for children who are between the ages of five and eleven),
junior high (for children who are twelve to seventeen), high schools (for students who
are eighteen or older), and colleges (which offer full-time or part-time courses).
Many people think that going to good is important for a person’s future career prospects.
But that’s not always the case. A good school can also give students the opportunity to meet new
people and learn new things.

What is a School?

A school is an institution where people learn to read, write, and do arithmetic.

Types of Schools

There are many types of schools in the world. In this blog, we will discuss what a is, and
what it means. A school is an educational institution that provides instruction and learning
opportunities for students from Pre-School to Post-Graduate levels. Schools can be traditional or
non-traditional, public or private, co-educational or single-sex. School also refers to the specific
curriculum that is followed by students in that institution.

Schools provide students with a variety of opportunities to learn new things and develop skills.
They may teach different subjects, offer extracurricular activities, or have special programs that
focus on certain areas of knowledge or skills. The type of school you attend can have a major
impact on your life. For example, if you attend a traditional, you may eventually go on to

college and receive a degree. If you attend a non-traditional school, you may be able to learn new
things and develop skills in an interesting and unique way.

How Schools Work

Schools are institutions where students receive an education. The word “school” comes from the
Latin schola, which means “a gathering of people.” There are three main types of schools:
primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary is the most basic type and is for
ages 4-12. Secondary s are for ages 13-18 and offer more specialized courses than primary
schools. Tertiary is for adults, offers vocational training, or focuses on learning a foreign

What is an Education?

Education is a system of learning that prepares students for professional lives and careers. It
can take many forms, from formal schooling to self-education.
Education can be formal or informal, in-person or online. It can be provided by schools,
universities, career colleges, or other institutions.
Education is often seen as a key factor in determining a person’s socioeconomic status and future


A school is an institution providing education, usually in higher education, for students from pre-
school to tertiary level. A school can provide general or specialized education and may be part of
a state educational system or a private system. The term “school” may also refer to the people
associated with this institution, such as teachers and students.

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